Measuring Code Quality using IBM RAD's Software Analyzer

In case you are using IBM RAD for your development. There is very good built in tool, which helps you to measure the quality of the code. It does a good analysis of the code and gives suggestions to improve it. It is a kind of static profiling, It can profile your code in lot many ways, however, one of the most important is or which I liked is Performance. You can profile your code for memory usage and speed, Interesting na...... It will let you know, as to what should be avoided in the code and how it should be coded properly. The good thing is that you can use it to profile a single java file, or a java package, or an entire project.

I'm attaching a document specifying how to use it for Performance.

There are plugins like PMD and Find Bug etc, which performs similar analysis. However, they are plugins not build in fuctionalities, and you are free to choose these plugins into your RAD.

This document will help you to use Software Analyzer plug-in available in RAD. Following are the steps to use Software Analyzer:

1.      Select Java project, or Java package, or Java file, which you want to profile and right click on it, as shown in the following figure:

2.      From the menu select Software AnalyzeràSoftware Analyzer Configuration:

3.  Select Software Analyzer and doulble click on it:

4.  Enter the profile name in the Name field and select Rules tab:

5  Select Performance and click on the check box against it:

6. Click on Apply and then click on Analyze. You will the report generated under Software Anaylyzer Results tab:

7. Select any of the result and fix it.


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